I’ll be the first to admit that I am no professional copywriter, I’m okay but I make mistakes occasionally like most people do. So I always take extra care when building a website for a client, first writing in a program like Microsoft Word and reading through before actually putting it anywhere near a website. However, a couple of times over the years I have had the dreaded phone call saying that “there is a typo on your website” it is so frustrating that you have missed it and someone else has picked it up so easily. So it got me thinking, are there any applications out there that can actually scan your website for spelling and mistakes and grammar errors and this is what I have found:

Free Website Spelling Checker Tools

This was a great tool it is very basic and you have to keep going back and forth through each page link (not great if you have a massive website like ( it would take me weeks to go through. However for a small site it did the job and has given me the confidence that I have had a second set of eye’s (all be it robot eyes) check over my handy written work.


Paid Website Spelling Checker Tools

I have not used this one but it looks quite good too:

Which to go for?

You get what you pay for in this world and in the end with most people searching online for product and services your website is often the first reflection of your business image. Silly spelling mistakes (although everyone is human and makes them) can reflect poorly on your image and it is important to make the effort so your satisfied you have done everything you can to make sure there are none.

I hope these tools will be helpful to you!

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