How is the internet helping driving instructors and learner drivers communicate effectively?

The Modern Learner Driver: something to be afraid of or something to marvel at? Somewhere in between, probably. Yes, the modern pupil. Expectations have changed, along with society. What is expected in teaching learner drivers and the industry of UK driving schools and UK driving instructors in today’s technology driven society is a savvy, computer literate, internet utilising business man or woman.

Gone are the days in which pupils would search for local instructors in the Yellow Pages. Google has taken over the search now, and if you do not have a digital presence, you do not have any presence at all. If you are not online, you do not exist. Harsh, but true. And while I am a fan of face to face contact, of talking to a human being rather than a machine, I would be fighting a losing battle if I said that the Internet was not the most helpful, easiest, user friendly way of connecting UK driving instructors with learner drivers and making it simple to begin driving lessons quickly and simply.

The industry is embracing the convenience, speed and security of the internet. The best example here is that now students are able to book both theory and practical tests online and can even apply for their provisional license without the fuss of filling in paper forms. With just a few clicks of a button, learner drivers are already on their way.

It is very important for all UK driving instructors to be technically savvy. This is not to say that you must be a computer whiz – but a website, an online diary, and social media pages are invaluable to you in creating not only a more trustworthy relationship with your pupils, but also a more professional one.

The fact of the matter is, the Internet is there for a reason, and it is to make our lives easier by convenience, and in so doing saves us time to be able to do the things we enjoy – especially young people, especially learner drivers.

Pupils certainly want to book, pay for and view their driving lessons over the internet, whether that is via email, through online diary systems, or through websites, the easier it is to do this the better is all I can say on the matter.

Learning to drive is something that so many young people want to do, and I truly believe that in our convenience driven society, the easier it is to arrange driving lessons, the more pupils UK driving instructors and UK driving schools will acquire. Teaching learner drivers has not changed, the manner in which this teacher pupil relationship begins has. The Modern Pupil wants to connect online, and indeed, why not?

Blog By Annie at Driving School Office

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