Surveys. Helping to improve your business or a waste of time?


There are many ways of collecting data in the business world. Surveys, government statistics, data records to name a few, but what is the most effective and time efficient way of collecting public and customer views?

How important is it for you to have access to data and what would be the best way to obtain it?

Nowadays we can utilise technology to produce quick surveys. Producing your own surveys or using online survey sites, it has become much easier to collect data quickly.

One thing that must be taken into consideration when producing surveys is how much information from the surveyor do you actually want? If you wish for simple answers to use in graphs then using close ended questions is the best route to take. Whereas if you wish for more thorough information, such as opinions and key points, then using open ended questions will encourage the surveyor to be more detailed.

Making sure the survey is worded in a fair, unbiased manor is the key to making sure you get truthful and reflective results. Putting all positive answers on a closed ended survey is not going to give you a true idea of what your sample groups is thinking.

Your sample of people you send the survey out to can effect what type of results you will get. Having a small sample group will present you with a select set of results, while a large sample will provide you with a wider wealth of information.

So are surveys the best way to get quick results? Or is there a more effective method of collecting data?

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